Our philosophy

Kova started with a passion for furniture and a quest to create the best quality pieces. From receiving the first sketches to the final delivery, we follow the process with a critical eye, cultivated over the years in the industry by observing and testing various pieces of furniture from all over the world. Understanding that each client, each project is unique, Kova offers a custom-made solution, regardless of the size and volume. We work with the best artisans to deliver high-quality handmade products and offer our clients a tailor-made service to help them realize their vision. Perfectionism, attention to detail, and respect for the craft mark the three pillars that Kova stands on.

Our story

We were born in Ankara, Turkey, in the early '90s and have been friends since childhood. After graduating high school together, life took us on different journeys. Ece followed her path into architecture in Italy. Mehmet Ali went to the UK to study electronic engineering. Having worked in our respective fields, we found ourselves often passionately talking about furniture and design. It was during one of these heated conversations that the foundations of Kova were laid. After a very intense process of research and development, we gathered the best artisans and craftsmen under the roof of our atelier.

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